Tactical-1 recognizes the importance of ensuring that our clients are able to stop the loss of money and resources in their businesses. Therefore once hired, Tactical-1 deploys its Security Officers to limit shrinkage and implement loss prevention (LP) techniques that are effective and will save companies potentially thousands of dollars on loss of merchandise and the expense of maintaining their own LP cadre. Our armed and unarmed security officers are trained to the highest standard in the industry. Security Officers are employed in Maryland and the Washington, DC metro area.

Retail Security:

Tactical-1 provides retail security services for retail stores, shopping malls, commercial establishments, jewelry stores and more.  Tactical-1 will work in conjunction with our client’s asset protection associates to help develop customized loss prevention programs.  These programs will help the client minimize their exposure to loss, and deter and detect potential perpetrators.

Our services include:

  • Loss Prevention (Deterring Shoplifters)
  • Monitoring Electronic Surveillance Equipment
  • Foot Patrol inside of the store
  • Plain Clothes undercover officers
  • Apprehension and prosecution of shoplifters
  • Grand Openings
  • Emergency Response

DC Special Police Officers:

Tactical-1 employs DC Special Police Officers (SPOs). These positions will be exclusively offered in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Officers must maintain a valid Special Police Officers commission from the Government of the District of Columbia. These armed and unarmed officers are highly trained and get some of the best firearms and defensive tactics training in the industry.  These officers exemplify professionalism, integrity, and posse great interpersonal skills.

Warehouse Security:

Tactical-1 provides security officers for the protecting warehouse property and equipment in the Maryland/Washington, DC metro area.  Our security officers are deployed to deter theft and vandalism by implement effective security measures.

Our services include:

  • Check all outgoing trucks for removal orders, invoices and safety load restraints
  • Log all incoming deliver trucks
  • Dispatch outside deliver trucks to the warehouse for delivers as scheduled
  • Monitoring on site fire and camera systems
  • Maintain and operate on site access control system
  • Maintain employee photo ID database
  • Patrol Distribution Center complex and warehouses
  • Escort and monitor visitors

Office Building Security:

Tactical-1 provides quality and customized commercial property security services for Maryland and Washington, DC office buildings and hotels. We recognize that employee, client and visitor safety is key to a successful operation.  Tactical-1’s security officers meet a superior level of alertness and proficiency that aid in your commercial business success.

Skilled and experienced commercial property security officers provide key services, including:

  • Access control where necessary
  • Monitor visitor’s entry and exit
  • Maintain visitor’s log
  • Periodic patrols of building
  • Maintain watch over equipment
  • Secure entrances during non-operating hours
  • Maintain reception desk of building
  • Uniform or Plain Clothes officers

Construction Security:

Tactical-1 supplies professional security officers to construction companies, builders and home owners in the Maryland and Washington, DC metro area. We use proactive methods to ensure the construction site is safe and secure.

Our services include:

  • Controls all vehicles and visitors to the job site
  • Maintain a listing of all vehicles, deliveries and visitors on the job site
  • Escorting visitors to the construction office
  • Securing entrance area during non-operating hours
  • Foot patrol of job site
  • Inspection of exterior fencing checking for security breaches
  • Maintain watch over equipment and office
  • Emergency Security Officer Coverage

Special Events Security:

Tactical-1 provides security for events across the Maryland and Washington DC metro area. Tactical-1 utilizes specialized security techniques to ensure that the client’s events are safe and secure.

Tactical-1 Event Security Services include:

  • Uniformed and Plain clothes Security Officer
  • Access Control
  • Crowd Control
  • Foot Patrols
  • Customer Service
  • Security and Photo ID verification

Residential Security:

Tactical-1 offers security for residential communities across the Maryland and Washington DC metro area.  Tactical-1 security services are structured to provide the best solution for our client’s residential needs.  We may provide a custom plan that is formulated to effectively protect the safety and security of our residential clients.
Our security officers function as a deterrent for potential robbers and vagrants are committed to the highest levels of professionalism, respect, integrity, and customer service.  Tactical-1’s security officers are well trained to handle all aspects of safety and security, while also adapting to the specific needs of the residential community.

Tactical-1 services a variety of residential communities which include:

  • Individual homes
  • Small Apartment complexes
  • High rise buildings
  • Gated communities